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A tragic duo.

GinRan (Japanese: ギン乱, GinRan) is the name of the relationship between Gin Ichimaru and Rangiku Matsumoto .


Soul Society Arc[]

During the fight with Toushiro and Gin, Gin tries to kill Hinamori with his sword but was stopped by Rangiku. She threatens to fight him if he does not put away his sword. If you look closely you can see that his smile is not on his face when Rangiku threatens him. However, it appears again and he vanishes out of their sight. As he turns to leave,she wonders what he is going to do as he had the tendency to disappear when they were little without telling her where she was going. Back in her room, she wonders what Gin is doing.

When Aizen turns to leave with Gin and Kaname she uses the flash step to appear behind Gin putting her sword on his neck and holding his hand. Suddenly,a bright light appears breaking Rangiku from Gin. He turns to look at her his face filled with sadness and apologizes before disappearing in the sky.

Fake Karakura Town Arc[]

Gin has his right arm cut off by Aizen, and is thrown to a piece of rubble, apologizing to Rangiku in his mind, and possibly revealing his love for her.  As Rangiku awakens after being knocked out with a Kido by Gin, Gin is fatally injured, close to death, by Aizen. Rangiku runs after Gin, sensing his spiritual pressure. As Rangiku  arrives at Gin's soon-to-be death area, she widens her eyes in shock and shun-po's straight to Gin's side, leaning over him, her eyes filled with tears.

Rangiku begins to howl in tears, Aizen watching silently. Ichigo soon arrives while Rangiku is howling, and looks at Aizen. Gin opens his eye a bit, directing his stare at Ichigo. In his mind, he knows Ichigo is able to beat Aizen, leaving his quest with Ichigo, closing his eyes, and fading to death.



Opening 5

Opening 13

  • In Bleach opening 5 - Rolling Star, Gin reaches out his hands and hugs Rangiku.
  • In Bleach opening 13 - Ranbu no Melody, Rangiku can be seen crying as her tears fall on Gin's face.



Dark of the Bleeding Moon - Bengara-Koushi - SUBBED

GinRan and HitsuHina sings Bengara Koushi

Gin and Rangiku (GinRan) and Toushiro and Momo (HitsuHina) are the main singers of the song titled, "Bengara Koushi". They can be seen singing this song in Bleach Rock Musical: The Dark of the Bleeding Moon, Bleach Rock Musical: The Live Bankai Show Code 002 and Bleach Rock Musical: The Live Bankai Show Code 003.

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